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You might be going on vacation - your hair probably is not

Posted by ReRoute Beauty on Oct 19th 2022

If you have taken even 1 trip, you would know the effect a new city or country can have on our hair. Silky locks transform into straw and frizzy hair may emerge silky and smooth. Hair is sensitive to the air around, water, food and care that it gets; all of which change as you travel.

Humidity greatly influences the shape and texture of your hair. The shape of the hair is normally maintained by hydrogen bonds, which are weak and easily broken by water. Humidity acts on these bonds fast and high humidity, in particular, can both break these bonds and then reform them, with the hair getting into a curlier shape. This won't happen in a dry climate. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent this from happening.

Extreme sun exposure - unfortunately it is not only damaging to the skin but to the hair too. Harsh sunlight can break some of the stronger, disulphide bonds in the hair, leading to permanently damaged, dry brittle hair, those causing permanent damage. In colored hair, the damage is aggravated more than in others, with hair becoming prone to breakage. The hair will tend to break off, rather than fall out.

Dry climate causes hair to become straw-like, static and increase spit ends. Matted hair is common, with the scalp becoming itchy and dry.

Local water - not all water is created equal. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions, but soft water does not. Calcium can react with soap to cause deposits on the hair, leading to dry, loss of shine dull hair. Hard water will not lather as much and is harder to wash product out with.

Hair products - our skin and hair are already dealing with so much change, the least we can do is give it some consistency with the products we use. Leave-in conditioner and serum will help to avoid the hair getting drier during the travel, especially long-haul flights - try to apply those the day of travel. If you are unsure about the quality of water at your destination, use a portable water filter. Using hotel provide products creates too many changes for your hair to handle, and the products they keep in your room may not quite suit your hair and scalp needs. These are mass-produced generic hair products.

Diet - whenever we are travel, whether a beach vacations with Pinas by the pool or a busy sight seeing, diet and water intake are often impacted. Staying hydrated throughout the day while traveling is a challenge for most. Lack of water in the diet can aggravate the hair condition so don’t downplay the importance of hydration.

*It's not uncommon to have food poisoning while in a new country, Food poisoning causes a lot of growing hairs to prematurely pass to the resting phase, what we call telogen. They are in that phase for about three months before the hair falls. The hair quality will be affected by food poisoning or high fever immediately even though the hair loss does not occur until later.

ReRoute travel size shampoo and conditioner have been specifically designed to work with the elements and climate changes to lock-in moisture and protect your hair from becoming too dry, brittle, or frizzy. Plus, our convenient travel sizes allow you to take the products anywhere without feeling weighed down by big bottles!

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