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Top Tips To Combat Jet Lag With Beauty Treatments

May 10th 2023

Book an appointment for a lymphatic drainage massage. This type of massage works to move stagnant lymph fluid so that fresh oxygen-rich blood can enter the cells. This is helpful to combat jet lag because it helps reduce inflammation, improve energy levels, and reduce fluid retention and headaches. 

Aromatherapy, such as lavender oil, is a great way to help ease tension and create a soothing atmosphere. Taking a bath with essential oils is also beneficial, as the warmth and fragrances can help relax sore, stiff muscles.

Dry brushing can also be a great way to “reset” the body clock, as it helps the body secrete toxins and cleans out the lymphatic system.

Rejuvenating masks, skin treatments and body wraps can help restore energy and vitality to help your skin and body awaken after a long flight.

Finally, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after your flight to stave off fatigue and headaches, to help to reduce the intensity of jet lag

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